Successful organisations know the importance of moving fast. We can help you accelerate your plans by designing solutions to achieve your goals faster.
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Operational efficiency can often lead to compromising the customer experience. We optimise your business to generate cost savings and also enhance the customer experience.
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Every sustainable organisation will require to transform an aspect of its business to continue to thrive. Change is a difficult path and we can help reduce the challenges of transformation.
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  • Customer Experience for Growth

    Our team is comprised of leading international professionals who have a proven reputation for creating customer experience solutions that allow clients to sustainably increase the economic value of their company. We do this by working with you to transform your organisation via our unique methodology, allowing you and your business to begin achieving your goals as quickly and effectively as possible. As one of the leading consulting companies in Dubai, we have the expertise and skill needed to design and integrate solutions that are not only practical for your employees and your business, but effective at generating sustainable economic value.

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  • Strategy Design & Implementation for Growth

    Designing a corporate strategy and implementing it to ensure business goals are achieved for the shareholders is often a difficult and complex task. Our expertise as strategy consultants is based on over 25 years of experience working with a diverse range of industries across the globe. Leveraging of our expertise will help you minimise any humps in your plans and accelerate the outcomes from your strategy.

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  • Business Process Mapping & Reengineering

    The very foundation of any great customer experience is consistency. The fabric of consistency is your Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and processes. Many organisations have neglected their SOPs as a possible root- cause problem to the unhappiness created for their customers. Our management consultancy services and expertise in customer experience has enabled us to reengineer and streamline processes and procedures for Fortune 500 companies on a global basis. The result has seen a major uplift in customer satisfaction and corporate profitability.

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  • Blockchain to Optimise Customer Experiences

    The transfer of digital assets using a highly secured system for identity verification is the underlying foundation of blockchain technology. This technology has a profound impact on how many organisations currently conduct transactions that require verification. Blockchain solutions offer the organisation a new way to reduce costs and improve services to their end customers. Our joint venture with the blockchain accelerator, RedFox Labs, enables us to also deliver blockchain solutions most effectively and efficiently.

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  • Artificial Intelligence for Optimising Business

    The journey of Artificial Intelligence will vary for each organisation. At the most basic level, robotic process automation offers many organisations a low-risk way to quantify the value of introducing artificial intelligence into their work practices. Whether it’s your marketing, sales or operations area, artificial intelligence can unlock new value and deliver improved performance for both the organisation and the end customer.

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  • Business Transformation

    Whether you are merging with another company, acquiring a new one, or changing your operations to accelerate growth, Kinetic Consulting Services is able to facilitate the transformation required in your organisation. Our management consultants work with all stakeholders to ensure all aspects of your business transform effectively to new operating models and are able to extract new value for your customers.

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  • Digital Transformation

    The age of the hyper-connected consumer has arrived. With simply the click of a button consumers can immerse themselves in a world of products and services that span the millions. This makes switching brands as simple as ever and gives them the freedom to write negative reviews at any point, a feature that can severely impact your success. Our management consultancy helps you create a value based digital transformation that will encourage positive interactions between customers and your company. Now more than ever, the success of a company lies in its ability to reduce effort and increase convenience for customers using digital solutions.

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About Us

Choose one of the top management consulting firms in Dubai

If you want to increase the success of your business – whether it be in Dubai or around the world – you need professional management consulting from a reputable company. Kinetic Consulting Services can help you do just this. Get in touch with our team today to see how we can help you.

Joe Tawfik | CEO

Joe is the founder and CEO for Kinetic Consulting Services. Joe has over 25 years senior management experience. Over the years he has started-up, developed and coached numerous companies to success. He has worked across industries and won several awards for excellence and quality over the years. Joe has an extensive and proven track record for achieving outstanding results for clients based all over the world.

Consulting Team

Kinetic is a global consulting organization comprised of mostly C-level experienced consultants. Our consultants are curated for each project to ensure their skill and competencies are ideally matched to our client project needs. All our consultants come with a proven track record and extensive domain knowledge experience in their respective fields. Our clients enjoy tier-one consulting firm consultants at a reduced cost.


Business 4.x

The fourth industrial revolution, characterised by disruption on multiple levels, requires organisations to change their business practices to become more competitive. This paper outlines the essential areas that organisations need to change to enable them to succeed. Business 4.x is a new operating model.

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5 Technologies Redefining Customer Experience

This paper examines five emerging technologies that are likely to have the greatest impact on the future of customer experience. Organisations need to constantly develop innovative ways to create value for customers. These technologies can offer companies the tools to differentiate their brands in the future.

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10 Steps for Scaling-Up

Scaling-up a business can be one of the most important initiatives that a leader can undertake. At the same time, it can be one of the most challenging undertakings. While there is no single blueprint for effectively scaling a business, there are some basic steps that should be followed to scale a business effectively. This ten-step guide outlines the process of scaling any business.

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Why Customer Experience Matters

This paper was written for the Prime Minister’s Office in the United Arab Emirates. The paper was used as a guide for government offices as to why they need to undertake a proactive approach towards improving the customer/citizen experience.

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From Automation to AI

This paper was published at the 2018 World Government Summit in Dubai. The paper outlines key government strategic considerations for executing of automation and AI solutions. The paper outlines the value proposition for government as well as the likely future strategic path.

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CEO & Director Guide to A.I.

The guide is designed to educate and raise awareness of the important role artificial intelligence is likely to have on corporate governance. The report makes the correlation between the primary fiduciary duty of CEOs and Board Directors, and the value offerings of A.I. software.

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Blockchain for Enterprise

The ecosystem supporting blockchain technology has matured to the point where the rollout of multiple enterprise blockchain solutions is imminent. This is technology that cannot be ignored by any industry as it poses both a threat and an opportunity for organisations. This paper outlines the potential of blockchain technology.

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The Pursuit of Customer Happiness

This paper explores the importance of the concept of happiness in the 21st century. It then outlines the unique initiative around happiness by the UAE government and then attempts to provide clarity on what customer happiness is all about.
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Redefining CX for Digital

Customer expectations have been reshaped by technology. We now live in a hyperconnected world that provides us with access to just about any product or service at our fingertips. This new reality has changed what consumers value. This paper outlines how customer experiences have been redefined in the digital age.

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We wrote the leading book on how companies grow using branded customer experience. Discover our unique blueprint for success.

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